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Almubark Engineering Consultant

About us

Almubarak Office is a studio for architecture, planning and design led by a group of talented engineers. The philosophy of integration can be seen in the way Almubarak's design studio works; it is essentially one large open space, shared equally by everyone, and free of subdivisions to encourage good communication between the many people who come together there.

The Office Founder

By God’s grace, we have been able to grow since the start of our business in 1991 AD This development and success of our continuous commitment in engineering consultancy services of international quality and we seek Abdul Rahman Al Mubarak Engineering Consulting Office for more than just providing consulting services only where we aspire to be a community partner in the field of urban development and land architecture, Rajin May God Almighty grant us success in what we love and are satisfied with.

Chairman of Board Directors


Abdul Rahman Abdul Latif AlSheikh Mubarak

Our Mission

Our objective has been and will always be to maintain Almubarak Office leading role in the consulting field, keeping it at all times ready to meet the challenges of the hyprtechnology in the world now, While continuing to improve the level and quality of services we always provide to our Clients.

Our vision

Since it was founded in 1991, The Office has exerted every possible effort in developing its capabilities and boosting its performance and has become more than ever matter of gratification and rejoices for us. Because of the customer satisfaction is our top priority.